Roadtrippin the SouthWest

So im the type of person that if I have the time iwill go on an adventure, I dont really care if I have the money for it just so long as I can go out there and explore. So the Monday after the Super Bowl I was at work when my coworker came up to me and said “I think Im going camping this week” I of course responded with where and when.  She then told me that she had the next few days off and that she didnt know where exactly she would go but she was going . I was like well Im going with you and so we left after work that day and went on a pretty awesome adventure starting in Vegas for a couple of hours. literally stayed long enough to have a couple of drinks and walk around a bit while the sun came up, by noon we were in Zion National Park!


 After Zion we went to Horseshoe Bend which is where the Grand Canyon starts and the early morning creates such beautiful light, everything looked fake.

Never stop exploring…


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